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Clinical Case Consultations for therapists

Imposter syndrome

Improving confidence

Dealing with burn-out/ stress management

Preventing burn-out: A workshop exclusively for therapists

Please note this is not psychotherapy and can therefore not be billed to insurance. 30 min or 60 min zoom sessions available.


30 Mins… $100

60 Mins… $200

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Clinical Case Consultations

If you’re struggling with a case/ client, are feeling stuck and need feedback or guidance or help brainstorming ideas or if you’re unsure if you even want to be a therapist, I can help. I have years of experience with supervision and have dealt with a large variety of situations and clients. Before you give up on the idea of being a therapist, reach out to me. I offer a goal-oriented, interactive and direct approach and can help offer you insight into your thoughts and feelings. If I can’t help you, I won’t charge you for my time.

Imposter Syndrome/ Improving confidence

If you struggle with confidence as a therapist- whether you’re new, an intern or a seasoned therapist, I can help you. Using a goal-oriented approach, together we can explore your underlying fears/ concerns/ anxiety/ expectations and help you become a more confident and empowered therapist.

Dealing with burn-out/ stress management

Being a therapist can be very rewarding but can also be very challenging and draining. If you find that: you struggle with anger/ irritability/ mood swings, not wanting to spend time with others, isolating, changes in appetite/ sleep habits or increased alcohol use, then you may be feeling burned-out. If you find that your personality is changing and taking you away from people or hobbies you love, then it’s time to find better ways to manage stress and learn how to avoid burn-out.

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